Sunday, March 09, 2008

hi dere what does it mean

to do an album each day for as long as i can. i think this might take close to 10 years to accomplish.

i have somewhere between three and four thousand hours of recorded music. i plan to tackle the collection alphabetically, starting today. music with numbers in the name will be filed alphabetically. some things will appear out of order due to my random and strange way of filing things. along the way i hope to make a database of the music i own. to accomplish this task with minimum effort i will have to cut back on how much music i acquire.

i am doing this to answer some fundamental questions. first, do i need to always be buying new music. second, do i actually care to listen again to most of the music i buy. third, does loving (or hating) music have anything to do with having anything to say about music. fourth, can a person say something about anything? fifth, will saying things about the things i love enhance or diminish my love for those things? sixth, will i feel better after writing each day?

we’ll see where this goes.


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